Stress is a topic of existential importance to all spheres of life . It is the most underestimated and under-treated factor in medical practice. There are no accurate tests to measure stress and yet it is a major factor in acute and chronic illness. My PhD in integral and transpersonal psychology investigated the whole construct of stress in order that a more valid and accurate stress measure could be developed.

Through an empirical research journey and an artistic and intuitive learning process, with several thousand clients over the years, the “stress paradigm” has emerged as a model for understanding and managing stress on multiple levels. “Stress” usually begins with a stress trigger in childhood, creating a stress terrain that harbours the disposition for later stress responses, (psycho-somatic), which when prolonged or repeated causes specific stress
effects (psycho-somatic), that leads to an environmental stress impact. Each element is a distinct phenomenon and can be measured and managed in a specific manner

The PATH Method is a highly effective skill set for stress reduction. My PhD was focused on finding ways to measure stress levels accurately so that this method could be validated scientifically. It is a skillset and a language for a novel approach to medicine, psychology and whole person healing that I choose to call Participatory Medicine or Participatory Healing. This skillset deepens awareness into Body Soul / Psyche and Spirit, creates powerful alliances with oneself, with fellow humans and the surrounding world and empowers both practitioner and patient/client to rapidly access deep insights and healing resources

The Path to Health Academy offers modular training in Participatory Health and Healing for health practitioners and coaches starting February 2023. See our events calendar for topics and dates.