Dr Raoul

“For those interested in gaining information about our integrative approach to 

cancer, I will walk you through the process of informing, deciding and aligning 

with a treatment programme.

A personalized Treatment Proposal together with a Cost Estimate will be emailed to you. 


  1. At the initial 60 minute consultation, I will gain insight into your person, your health issues and how this cancer condition came about. I wish to investigate cancer as an outcome of a specific constitution, temperament, personality, predisposition, biography, environment, lifestyle and habitual patterning that create disorder in your body. This integral diagnosis, physical examination and gathering of medical reports will lead to a personalized treatment programme aimed at restoring the disturbed equilibrium.  This programme will outline various options for counteracting the cancer process. Further information and inquiry,  choices and decisions, planning and preparation are part of this process.
  2. A personalized Treatment programme together with  Cost Estimates will be emailed to you.
  3. Once full understanding, alignment and approval for the treatment programme is reached, therapy appointments will be scheduled.

4.We initiate the treatment programme with further diagnostic assessments  by means of conventional blood tests, live blood analysis where indicated, and an initial participatory counseling session. 


A truly amazing experience entering the world of Childhood and discovering the Genius of Childhood”

Dr Ilia Petrovitch Paediatrician

 St Petersburg Russia


“Being diagnosed 6 years ago with a stage 4 rare and aggressive cancer was a shattering and somewhat embarrassing experience. Dr Goldberg with his integrative approach helped me to understand that repressed issues lead to disease and recommended I undergo counseling to try and uncover what experience it was that had manifested as cancer and that I use Iscador and have autohematherapy administered. I think that this approach was invaluable.

Jane Grove
Cancer Survivor, South Africa


“It was impressive and moving to watch Dr. Goldberg in action at Esalen Institute with a young man suffering from drug addiction and emotional pain. Goldberg’s compassion, wisdom and the quality of his listening was astounding, and the results were truly remarkable”

Allan Badiner Contributing Editor
Tricycle Magazine


“This work presents a deep insight into the critical childhood issues of our time and evokes a deeply challenging call to action”

Dr Michaela Gloeckler

Paediatrician /Leader of the Medical Section  Goetheanum Switzerland


“Here are imaginative and creative ways of understanding childhood with wisdom, love and respect for children and their development”

Dr Sakia Renkema  GP
Blackthorn Medical Centre UK


This is a timely book on a vitally important subject.   Dr Raoul Goldberg focuses our attention on the battle for consciousness required to address our multiple mind-numbing and life-draining addictions

Dr Rosy Daniels

Director of the British College of Integrative Medicine UK


“I found these three seminars energizing, moving and enlightening.  This interactive approach was real and authentic and went to the heart of the matter.  I would have wished to be part of a longer workshop in each of these fascinating fields”

Homeopathic Doctor  South Africa



“Its an amazing process in a brief 5 day period.  I am able to get deep cognitive, somatic and emotional insights.  Its definitely one step forward to understanding and mastering my life with new resources”

Psycho-therapist  Montana USA



“Such a powerful tool for transformation and so well presented, I highly recommend this training for any therapist wishing to support their clients to higher levels of wellbeing”

Dr Jon Morley  

Integrative Medical Doctor South Africa  


This was a rare and exciting opportunity to learn from a skilled and masterful therapist

Eva DiCasmirro  

Somatic Psychologist Vancouver Canada 


“The single most powerful experiential technique or therapeutic tool for self discovery.  It is safe, empowering and will revolutionaries the need and dependency on psychotherapy because it cuts to the heart of the limiting issue. This has been a profound and moving experience, Thank you”

Dr Rene Nassen

Head of Clinical Unit

Lentegeur Hospital/Stellenbosch University South Africa

Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


“Enlightened approach to therapy and healing.  It included all aspects of self in a very fluid and practical way.  I enjoyed and benefited from the process.  The group was beautiful.  Gratitude

Megan de Beyer

Eco Psychologist UK and South Africa


I thoroughly enjoyed the process. The structure and content are easily understandable and immediately applicable. I found the process very enlightening, powerful and simple.

I feel that many people from various walks of life, different beliefs and cultures will be able to engage with this process as it is unthreatening in their existing paradigms.

Anna Prinsloo


Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


“A wonderful experience of self and spiritual journey”.

Dr Bernard Brom

Integrative Medical Doctor

Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014

Workshops 2014


I want to tell you from my heart THANK  YOU SO VERY MUCH for your commitment to us practitioners to be a part of a necessary revolution in the humanization of medicine, and in such a way that it applies to ALL practitioners, regardless of specialization!

Thomas Jahn

Dr of Chinese Medicine

Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


One of the most powerful, accessible and cost-effective psychotherapeutic tools I have witnessed. It can be used for a broad range of conditions both psychological and physical .It enables patients to discover the root cause of issues in a safe environment and supports them in participating in their own healing. I believe it would have a revolutionary impact and I hope to see it available to the public.

Dr Shivon Dawson
Integrative Psychiatrist South Africa 

Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


“I found the connection between the healer-patient in a partnership to be tremendously beneficial.  Learning how to create this space or deep responsibility was tremendously useful.”

Anonymous Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


Goldberg is able to so naturally hold a safe space for all participants throughout the workshop, and always in such a way that all gain even greater understanding and insight into the principles he is teaching.

Anonymous Participant - Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


This has been a powerful, tender, personal and vastly speeded up therapy and healing for me.  Thank you” 

Anonymous  Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


It was wonderful. I learned a lot about how to collaborate in the healing process with the person seeking help.

Anonymous Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


It was wonderful. I learned a lot about how to collaborate in the healing process with the person seeking help.

Anonymous Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


I have had troubled relationships in my life, both at home and with patients, and I feel that ‘to know myself’ better can only be beneficial all round.

Anonymous Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


A very holding nature and character in the facilitator. Very open, receptive, knowledgeable and accommodating. Well organized by the two facilitators. Thank you.

Anonymous Participant- Participatory Medicine and Healing Workshops 2014


“A Safe community to deeper exploration of self, to love freely with others present and to behold the miracle of my own being.  Infinite Gratitude. Thank you. Excellent program.”

Anonymous Participant- Esalen  USA 2014


“Dr Goldberg’s ability to see and feel through the layers of what presents is phenomenal: Role playing, sounding, body awareness and loving presence.  The gestures, imagery, felt sense of safety still permeate my being from our work.  Many thanks for the depth and wisdom of this powerful work

Kat Steele  

Esalen manager of Sustainability


“A soul-bursting, heart-breaking deeply resonant and healing experience.  I’ve both found and returned my self- to “I”.

Anonymous Participant – Esalen  USA 2014


“I found how to channel my strengths, and give them the ability to be truly strong for me, Thank you”

Anonymous Participant – Esalen  USA 2014


“The best training I have ever been to.  Raoul made sure to create safety in order for participants to explore their problems and gain more insight.   I feel like I’ve been able to deepen my resources such as self-compassion and empathy and I think that I will be able to member and sustain this process”

Anonymous Participant – Esalen  USA 2014


“It was life-changing.  I learned new techniques to identify my inner children that I do believe will be quite helpful.  I realized the importance of the movement in helping to express my feelings and nurture my inner children.  It was a beautiful experience!”

Anonymous Participant - Esalen  USA 2014

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