Dec 2016

28 Dec

Diet and inflamation seminar

Wednesday, December 28    
11 AM - 1 PM
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Jan 2017

Overcoming Addictive Thinking and Behavior: Path to Inner Freedom

Overcoming Addictive Thinking and Behavior: Path to Inner Freedom

Sunday, January 29 - Friday, February 3    
All Day
This is an interactive workshop in which participants will be taken from the phenomena of experience into the heart of the psyche. There, they can [...]

Nov 2022

26 Nov

Participatory Health Introductory Seminar

Saturday, November 26    
2 PM - 5 PM
Invest in yourself and come experience an (r)-evolutionary approach to a healing practice. It offers a practical training in the art and science of participatory [...]

Jan 2023

25 Jan

Overcoming Self Doubt through Insight and Embodied Confidence

Wednesday, January 25    
7 PM - 8 PM
A light is shone on the devastating dynamic of self-doubt and low self-esteem, and a way to overcome this is offered through an internal alliance [...]

Feb 2023

03 Feb

Module 1 – Awakening to Participatory Awareness I (the I dimension)

Friday, February 3 - Saturday, February 4    
12 AM
Awakening to Participatory Awareness (the I dimension) Dr. Raoul Goldberg qualified from Wits Medical school and was inspired to further understand the whole human beyond [...]
22 Feb

The Body-Mind Paradigm in Health and Ill-health

This share-talk explores the dynamic continuum between the body and the psyche that provides the equilibrium we call health or the disequilibrium we call ill-health. [...]

Mar 2023

29 Mar

The Psyche as the Gatekeeper to Optimal Health

The Psyche experiences self in the body on the one side, in the spirit on the other. We can choose to be weighed down by [...]
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