Live Blood Analysis


“Blood is a very singular fluid”. In Goethe’s Faust Mephistopheles, the devil, wages battle with Faust over possession of his soul and in closing the deal, requests that Faust sign the contract in his own blood. A deep mystery is expressed in this simple statement.

The blood of each individual is intricately unique in both its chemical composition and visual manifestation. The well known ABO blood typing is only one of about 300 different blood typing systems, each person manifesting a unique combination of blood types. This together with the combination of other aspects of the bodies functioning is referred to as biochemical specificity. The blood represents a vital aspect of our individual state of being.

The blood cells, seen under the microscope in their natural state, create a pictorial representation of conditions in the body at that time. Each picture has a specific combination of size, shape and behavioural variations of the cells:

Irregularities in shape and size of red blood cells;
Rate of degeneration of cells;
Rigidity or flexibility of membranes;
Degrees of clumping of cells;
Strength and integrity of immune cells;
Function of aspects of the immune cells;
Buildup of debris or waste in the fluid between the cells.
To the trained eye this gives information about:

The health of cells in the body which determines their ability to perform the many biochemical functions necessary for the maintenance of health and energy;
The balance between building up and breaking down of new cells,
The degree of hardening of cells related to the condition of cell membranes;
The ability of the blood to circulate efficiently and thus carry essential nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and remove waste and carbon dioxide from the body;
The essential health or breakdown of aspects of the immune system.
The overall picture is used by the practitioners at Syringa Holistic Health Centre to supply valuable information about the state of being of the individual. Nutritional, lifestyle and organ functions influence many factors and the Blood Assessment enables the practitioner to gain information into the inner workings of the body in order to streamline a therapeutic plan.