Drawing on many years of holistic medical experience, Dr Goldberg attends to patients either as their GP or as a Consultant for specific medical problems. As a School Doctor he is oriented to all aspects of child health and child development, and as a Psychotherapist, he works dynamically with the psycho-social background of illness.

Consultation Process

Every Consultation Process involves a diagnostic assessment and a choice of therapeutic options. We offer various types of Consultations:

  • First Consultation 45 -60 minutes Full clinical diagnostic and therapeutic assessment for all new patients
  • Comprehensive Health Consultation 90 minutes In depth diagnostic and therapeutic assessment, including live blood analysis, and conventional lab tests.
  • Follow Up Consultation 15– 30 minutes
  • Telephone, Skype or Zoom Consultation 30-60 mins
  • House Visits On personal request
Diagnostic Services

A range of Diagnostic Services are available in house or through referral.

  • Conventional Laboratory and Radiological Testing
  • Live Blood Analysis – Examination of the blood under powerful magnification provides a wide range of insights into health.
  • The PATH Method Participatory Counseling modality provides deep insight into the psycho-social causes of illness.

Diagnosis (“ dia” = between, and “gignōskein”  =  to discern) means to know or recognise between two things – that which is unwell related to that which is well.  There are many layers of diagnosis, from symptomatic expression through bodily and psychological signs and symptoms to a deeper psychosocial and biographical cause of unwellness that requires a more penetrative diagnostic exploration.

Therapeutic Treatments

The word “therapeia” means healing of the not yet whole.

Diagnosis and therapy are two parts which belong intrinsically together. The more complete the diagnosis, the closer the therapy will come to restoring the healthy balanced state.

At Path to Health, a wide range of therapeutic options are available to support the healing process.