The PATH Method is based on an holistic view of a person as a living body, soul and spirit that has a potential connection to vast resources of vitality, creativity, intelligence, compassion, intimacy, expanded awareness and spirituality. It promotes conscious awareness and conscious partnership that strengthens one’s objective sense of self to be able to witness one’s subjective human experience, bringing these together in a partnership that can support health and well-being on every level. On this basis it can be applied individually, socially, professionally and ecologically. Participatory healing is the specific application of the PM to medicine, psychotherapy, and all other healing practices.

The PM evolved out of the merging of various modalities and approaches, such as Psychophonetic Counseling, Anthroposophic Medicine, Goetheanistic phenomenological science, drama, dance and other creative arts. Although it did not evolve directly from established practices, this method combines a seamless and synthetic mix of many philosophical, psychotherapeutic and other healing approaches. It incorporates essential elements of the integral philosophies and practices of Steiner, Goethe and Aurobindo, the psychotherapeutic principles and practices of conversational and person-centered approaches familiar to humanistic, phenomenological, and cognitive behavioral therapies, the transpersonal and mindfulness-based approaches common to Psychodynamics, Jungian and Mindfulness Stress Reduction, the somatic-based and multidimensional expressive interventions familiar to Psychodrama, Drama Therapy, Dance Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Self-Witnessing, Somatic Experiencing, Authentic Movement, the martial arts, sound therapy and Therapeutic Eurythmy, the wide spectrum of the creative arts, and Anthroposophic integrative medical practice. 


It combines a client-centered verbal approach to psychotherapy with non-verbal expressive modalities of body sensing, gesture and movement, visualization and the skillful application of the sounds of human speech, which allows for rapid access to deep psycho-emotional layers of experience.

The PATH Method offers a relatively short but highly effective counseling-coaching process that enables clients to:

  • Explore their inner life and become aware of hidden patterns and blocks, as well as latent strengths and rich resources
  • Empower themselves to clear past impositions which in the course of life have compromised their wholeness and wellbeing, restoring both their psycho-social and physical health
  • Resource their human potential, invoking and accessing new possibilities for independent living, heightened creativity and the realization of their full humanity.

The PM draws on the full nature and scope of human awareness, creating a skillset that enables immediate and easy access into subconscious, conscious and superconscious  spheres of awareness. It makes use of higher awareness and active participation with various parts of self, using the body and imaginative consciousness as powerful instruments to deeply access the subconscious psyche and to enable rapid changes towards positive physical and mental health. Using the full range of subjective awareness as experienced through the faculties of cognitive thinking, sense perception, feeling-emotional affect and will- based expression, ingrained subconscious habitual patterns that control our lives and interfere with our health are explored and accessed, using the language of the body to make it visible. It develops and strengthens conscious awareness so that it can witness and participate in the full range of human experience. Conscious and constructive partnerships are thus created between our conscious awareness and our subconscious experience. Our higher I-centered being can then choose to guide, manage and transform old habits into healthy new ones. 

Human life experience is never lost or forgotten; it is all stored in the body as a memory to be activated consciously or unconsciously by similar experiences in later life. The past is therefore ever present and as such interferes with and distorts present reality. This leads to the perpetuation of dysfunctional behavior patterns, difficulties in relationships, limitation of creative potential , stress, exhaustion and illness on many levels.

Such embedded memories can be accessed directly, explored and transformed in short-term psychotherapeutic interventions (3 to 6 sessions) using a variety of somatic and transpersonal techniques. The transformation enhances well being on all levels. Physical health is enhanced through healing of psycho-somatic problems while relationships are transformed through recovery from past abuse, addictions and suppressions. Clients often experience a release of energy and creative potential and a deepening of intellectual, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual awareness.

The PATH Method facilitates effective recovery from

  • addictions,
  • past sexual and other abuses,
  • emotional reactivity
  • panic and anxiety disorders
  • depressive disorders
  • dysfunctional behavior patterns,
  • relationship difficulties,
  • burn-out and fatigue,
  • Trauma
  • creative blocks
  • psychosomatic issues.

It enables a rapid and intimate connection to one’s Inner Child, Inner Man and Woman, Inner Physician, Higher Caretaker and other potential internal characters.

It offers a deep dive into the meaning, purpose and direction of one’s life experience.

The client carrying their own unique life experience is entrusted to steer their own ship, being inwardly equipped and carrying the innate guidance for their own life journey. The counselor accompanies the client as a well-traveled voyager, who will help to navigate their ship and coach the client through the uncharted seas until they have learned the skill to travel alone. For in the end it is the client’s higher self that is challenged to take charge of the ship of life and to create their own truth and meaning for their own unique destiny.

Use in Medicine

Its therapeutic value was discovered in 1840 by Schönbein and used for many years in dentistry and surgery. Today it is widely used in European spas, in clinics and private practices.


  • Infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Eg Chronic viral infections such as herpes, hepatitis, Epstein Barr and CMV virus, candida and other yeast infections. It destroys certain bacteria and fungi more rapidly than chlorine
  • Circulatory support in diabetes, diseases of arteries, veins and capillaries, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, Alzheimers, gangrene.
  • Inflammatory conditions such as: rheumatoid arthritis, chronic osteo-arthritis, spondylitis, psoriasis, lupus, eczema, allergies, burns and other acute inflammatory conditions.
  • Immune deficiency states: such as HIV positive states, AIDS, recurrent infections.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Cancer as an adjuvant treatment

Modes of action:

  • breaks down cell walls of micro-organisms by forming peroxides which are stable oxidation products
  • destroys infected or damaged cells
  • inactivates viruses
  • improves oxygen transport and utilization
  • induces enzymes and stimulates immune-modulating substances such as interferon, interleukins, cytokines and tumour necrosis factor
  • improves red blood cell function
  • selective oxidation prevents the production of free radicles which only occurs in aqueous solution at a pH of 7.8


Ozone is generated by passing pure oxygen through an ozone generator. It may then be administered in a variety of ways according to indications or needs of the patients.

  • Intravenous – also known as auto-haemotherapy. Ozone treatment for cancer and other conditions is administered via a very fine needle. The gas dissolves into the blood. The procedure takes about ½ hour and is the most common application for most indications. It cannot be done when veins are too thin or inaccessible.
  • Intra-arterial - Ozone is injected directly into an artery for arterial circulatory disturbances such as diabetes and gangrene.
  • Rectal – Ozone is pumped into a plastic bag and pressed gently into the rectum. Especially useful for intestinal inflammations, fistulae and intestinal candidiasis.
  • Vaginal – Ozone is expressed from a plastic bag for local vaginal conditions, eg infections, herpes, discharges etc.
  • Bladder – Ozone from a bag is passed via a catheter into the bladder to treat infections, tumours etc.
  • External Surfaces - Burns, wounds, skin conditions such as eczema, fungi, psoriasis are treated by exposing the area by a closed plastic hood filled with ozone.
  • Intracutaneus or subcutaneous - for dental or varicose veins respectively.
  • Intramuscular - for tumours or muscular conditions.
  • Ozonated Olive oil - is used for ulcers, eczema, acne, fungal infections, wounds and ear infections.