I have been fortunate to have trained in both Western and European medicine, having spent 7 years in postgraduate study in Swiss and German anthroposophic integrative clinics. I was privileged to work with many doctors who had worked closely with Dr Rudolf Steiner, and found through this integrative approach to medicine a deep connection with the therapeutic arts, movement sciences, body healing practices (massage and hydrotherapy),
the manufacture of natural medicines and a intensive study of nature. Later on returning to South Africa, I trained in homeopathy, integrative medicine, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, functional medicine and psychotherapeutic counselling. It was the latter training and practice that informed me of the absolute need to unite medicine and psychology if we are to practice a true body-mind medicine   Since 1983, I have been working in an integrative general practice in Cape Town as a specialist practitioner in cancer, addictions, child development and mental health, as a school doctor for the Waldorf School movement, and since 2002 as a transpersonal and participatory psychotherapist.