About The Syringa Training Institute

IMG_5136The Syringa Institute for Health and Healing is a teaching centre based on a new approach to Health and Holistic Participatory Medicine. The teaching method that has been evolved rests on the premise that everyone has the innate capacity to gain in depth knowledge and intuition This deep experience can be awakened enabling students to gain authentic and personal experience in any field of learning and empowering them to become experts in this field.

Raoul is actively promoting and teaching a way to deepen experience called Awakening to Deep Experience and Empowerment based on sharpening and strengthening the natural functions of human experience: sense perceptions, cognitive and imaginative thinking, emotive and feeling capacities and will based expressive activities.

This Institute is dedicated to making this teaching method available for practitioners active in education and healing. It offers lectures, workshops and seminars on a wide range of subjects concerning health, illness and healing.

Raoul runs workshops in deep understanding and caring of children and adolescence based on this methodology. Training courses for doctors, nurses and therapists are currently in planning. In the future he wishes to train facilitators and teachers to run such courses.