Therapeutic Programme

Our Therapeutic Goals are three fold:

  1. to strengthen the physical, psychological and spiritual powers of immune protection
  2. to reduce or eliminate the unlawful and autonomous growth of cancer cells as well as the external and internal blocks that hinder health on all levels.
  3. to reduce or eliminate the external and internal blocks that promote cancer and hinder health on all levels.

All therapeutic agencies work in different ways to achieve these goals.

Therapeutic Phases

     The Path to Health Cancer Programme is divided into 4 phases:

  1. Preparation and Planning  – This covers the period between the first consultation and the beginning of  treatment. the intensive or active phase.  Choices, decisions, planning and preparations are made to prepare for the next phase
  2. Initiation Phase  This marks the beginning of treatment and covers further  diagnostic assessment by means of conventional investigations, live blood analysis or other modalities and an initial participatory counseling session.
  3. Active phase – The duration and intensity of this phase will be determined by the severity of the condition.  The treatment may require regular clinical visits.  An  intensive clinical phase of 2-6 weeks will require an average of four clinical sessions per week.  This is usually followed by a less intense consolidating clinical phase  of  2-6 weeks that averages two clinical sessions per week.
  4. Maintenance Home PhaseThis comprises a long term monitoring period  with 4-6 weekly clinic visits, monitoring by phone, on line and via diagnostics and active home treatment.

Personalized Programme

In partnership with our patients, a therapeutic programme is offered from a broad  holistic perspective

  1. Positive attitudinal  strengthening and empowering through finding the highest intentions and best positions for fighting the cancer
  2. Lifestyle Modification:  Optimal Diet / Regular exercise / Healthy water / Enhanced Sleep / Balance in work, recreation and creative    activities
  3. Environmental Modifications:
    1. external –  eliminate environmental toxins in mould, house dust, dampness, chemical carcinogenic substances, pesticides, electro-magnetic devices, geo-magnetic stress, occupational hazards,  pollution etc
    2. internal – detox processes via colonic irrigation, liver and kidney cleansing, dental care, amalgam removal, chelation   – stress management with Participatory Counselling
  4. Active Treatments:  Core Treatments and Supplements
    1. Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy
    2. Mistletoe injections
    3. High dose Vitamin C infusions with other minerals and vitamins
    4. Ozone Therapy – intravenous administration
    5. Botanicals
    6. Supplements: Beta Glucans / Anti oxidants / Vitamin D and many others
    7. Organ Support: liver, kidney, blood, bone marrow, adrenals etc
    8. Lymph Compression treatment
  5. Additional Therapies
    i. Hydro Colonic therapy     ii.  Acupuncture    iii. Laser therapy    iv. Nutritional  Therapy
  6. Maintenance and Positive Self Management supported by Participatory Counselling
  7. Personal  and Creative Development supported by Participatory Counselling