The PATH Method (PM) which stands for Participatory Awareness for Transformational Healing, is a novel psycho-medical healing modality used in an integrative medical and psychotherapeutic setting to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions. It is also a holistic counseling and coaching method for personal growth and healing, and a path of training for professional development. The method teaches the tools and skills for gaining deep insight and experience in expanded awareness, partnership and health resolutions, and the path is the practise that will bring about and sustain transformational healing and optimal health. The PM uses what is naturally present as faculties in every human being, makes it conscious and offers an easily-learned method for awakening, empowerment, transformation and healing.

The PATH Method in Medical Practice

Patients consult me for a wide range of physical and psycho-emotional problems. After sharing their story, I invite them to move into another chair and to observe the person who is experiencing discomfort, distress or searching for solutions. Changing position and moving into a body that is observing and listening to this subjective self, changes immediately the physiological and psychological perspective. Patients invariably are able to see beyond their symptomatic manifestations,  recognizing psychosocial factors which may be connected with the clinical problem.  Using other simple expressive techniques, for instance, if the complaint is abdominal pain, the patient is asked to focus on the bodily sensation of pain, and then to gesture with the hands and then the whole body the character of the pain. Then stepping away and observing the image of their somatic gesture, this imaginative picture frequently unveils new and sometimes epiphanic insights into the nature of the illness which can be explored more fully in a follow up counseling session.


The PATH Method provides a wide range of techniques which enables the practitioner to deepen the diagnostic and therapeutic picture. The specific process that emerges during each session through the dynamic interaction between client and counselor will determine which methodological utilities are used.