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What is the Path to Health Cancer Centre?

The Path to Health Cancer Centre is a specialist facility for the holistic management of people with cancer in all its aspects, both the prevention, as well as all stages of cancer, including terminal illness and palliative care. Dr Raoul who has been treating cancer for the past 45 years, designs and co-ordinates the treatment programmes and a dedicated nursing team manages the treatments.

Personalized holistic cancer  programmes include a range of non-toxic therapeutic options which may be taken with or without conventional cancer therapies.

Dr Raoul has forged partnerships with integrative cancer clinics around the world and continues to maintain his relationships with colleagues in Switzerland, Germany, UK and USA  on the latest developments in cancer research.  In treating individual patients, he works in close collaboration with  cancer specialists, both locally and internationally.

“There are so many different views, approaches, diets and treatments available that may make it extremely difficult to decide what is true for you. My job in partnership with you is to find the right and true combination of therapies that will offer you the best outcome.”

Dr. Raoul Goldberg, MD, PhD

Principles & Aims

Principles & Aims of the Cancer Treatment Programme

The guiding principles of our integrative cancer therapy programme are three fold:

  1. To awaken the will to heal so that the patient become an active partner in the healing process
  2. To strengthen the physical, psychological and spiritual powers of immune support.
  3. To reconnect and realign the disconnected cancer cell growth with the healthy regulation of the mother body.
  4. To reduce or eliminate the external and internal blocks that promote cancer and hinder health on all levels


On the bodily level, this means controlling and if possible eliminating cancer cell growth and spread, and strengthening the immune system using a powerful blend of various therapeutic modalities.

On the lifestyle level it means avoiding those factors which result in this disconnection, and strengthening all those lifestyle elements that enhance the connection.

On the psychosocial level it means exploring the internal disconnecting biographical patterns and finding ways to restore the healthy connection through an empowering counseling process.

Phases of Therapy

Phases of Therapy

The journey of healing has five main phases:

  • Foundational Phase
  • Consultative Phase
  • Treatment Phase
  • Maintenance Phase
  • Transformative and Healing Phase

Foundational Phase - Preparation

Foundational Phase

This phase creates the right conditions for optimal transformation and healing

  • Right Intention:Setting down positive hopes, wishes and intentions at the start of the healing journey, awakens a potent innate healing force – the focused power of will – which will direct, illuminate and magnify the healing process.
  • Right Position:Choosing the most positive mindset will lead to the best healing outcomes. We help you find your most suitable inner character – the conqueror, the healer, the inner physician, who is willing and able to discover what needs to be understood and needs to be done to bring about the best outcome.
  • Lifestyle Modification:Personalized life style patterns are explored and modified: Optimal Diet – Healthy water – Regular exercise  – Optimal Sleep – Balance in work, leisure and creativity.
  • Environmental Modifications:Since internal and external environmental factors are major trigger factors in the development of cancer, every effort is made to eliminate these carcinogenic agencies.

There are 5 main categories of cancer promoting agencies:

Physical    Chemical   Biological   Nutritional   Psychological

  • Physical – Electromagnetic frequencies – Living close to cell masts, cell phones close to body especially head, microwave cooking, excessive or deficient sunlight, excessive cold exposure, unnecessary gamma or Xray radiation
  • Chemical – Synthetic chemicals in food, cleaning products, herbicides, pesticides, perfumes, washing powder, dishwashing liquids, body products, soaps, shampoos, fluoride in drinking water, chlorine, petrol and exhaust fumes, heavy metals in dental amalgam, occupational toxins – paints, benzene, soldering metals, industrial fumes
  • Biological – Mould and fungi in damp housing, house dust mite, root canal and cavitation micro-infections, low grade fungal, viral, bacterial infection
  • Nutritional – Commercially grown meat, poultry and dairy, sugar and sugar products, alcohol, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, paprika), earth mushrooms, polyunsaturated seed oils and grains with high inflammatory lectins.
  • Psychological -destructive habitual personality patterns are Invariably present as a long-term constitutional predisposing factor.

Consultative Process – Information - Insight - Options - Participation

Consultative Process – Information – Insight – Options – Participation

The initial 60 minute consultation provides the insights and information needed to create a personalized treatment programme

  • The outer symptoms of the cancer process, the relation to other organ systems as well as the deeper root causes of the illness are explored. Cancer is a complex outcome of many factors that creates disorder in the body. These include specific constitution, temperament, personality, predispositions, biographic environment, lifestyle and habitual psycho-neuro patterning.
  • This integral diagnosis, physical examination and gathering of medical reports leads to a personalized treatment programme that will outline various options for counteracting the cancer process. Further information and inquiry,  choices and decisions, planning and preparation are part of this process.
  • This personalized treatment programme together with  cost estimates is emailed to the patient.
  • Once full understanding, alignment and approval for the treatment programme is reached, therapy appointmentswill be scheduled.
  • After further diagnostic assessments  through conventional blood tests, live blood analysis (where indicated), and an initial Path counseling session (optional), the treatment programme is initiated.

Treatment Phase

Treatment Phase

 Core treatments:

  • Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy:

     A safe, non-toxic and non-invasive means of both destroying cancer cells as well as of enhancing immune protective function.  This treatment uses light of a particular wavelength and sound of a specific frequency to activate a pre-digested light and sound sensitive substance which attaches selectively to tumour cells, causing their break down.

  • Hyperthermia

    Body tissue is exposed to temperatures above body temperature, up to 44 °C. It is well established as an effective adjuvant to therapy, whereby cancer cells are sensitized to these treatments and outcomes are significantly improved. Hyperthermia is applied locally to the tumour two to three times weekly while patients are receiving other integrative treatments

  • Mistletoe injections

    Has been used as an effective cancer treatment for over 100 years; it is non toxic and supported by scientific evidence to justify serious consideration in the overall cancer treatment  protocol.

  • High dose Vitamin C infusions with other minerals and vitamins

  • Is used world wide as a well established adjuvant therapy  for cancer suppression and immune enhancement
  • Intravenous Ozone Therapy

    A  safe well established therapy aimed at inhibiting cancer cell growth and supporting the immune system.

Botanicals and Supplements:

  • Diet and Nutritional Therapy
  • Botanical Plant Remedies
  • Vitamin, Mineral and Trace Element Supplements

Adjuvant therapies:

  • Remedial support for key organs: liver, kidney, blood, bone marrow, thyroid, adrenals.
  • Lymph Compression treatment
  • Hydro-colonics, Acupuncture, Chiropractics,
  • Laser therapy,
  • Participatory Counseling – explores the deeper habitual patterns that predispose to cancer and awakens the powerful hidden creative resources that lead to repositioning, empowerment, transformation and healing


Maintenance Phase Home Treatment - After Care

Maintenance Phase Home Treatment – After Care

The time after formal treatment is a vital part of the management programme as patients who have developed cancer have a constitutional predisposition that requires long term management and vigilance for many years.

We provide the following options: 

  • a clearly defined sustainable after-treatment plan to maintain the long term stabilization thus far achieved. Our goal is cure and healing of the cancer condition or high quality long-term management of the cancer syndrome.
  • Self administered Mistletoe injections are a vital part of the after treatment process
  • Regular follow up visits with the option of booster intravenous treatments
  • The Path to Health Cancer Support Community offers long term support, fellowship, insight, resources and tools for self care, self transformation and self healing, based on an integrative and participatory approach to health and healing.

    Transformation and Healing Phase

    Transformation and Healing Phase

    This phase is an on-going journey that begins from the moment of diagnosis, through a journey of self discovery , through the deep understanding of the cancer process, to overcoming it. This is a personal and epic journey unique for every patient, beginning with the will to know, to change, to heal and to understand the message of cancer.

        “Being diagnosed 6 years ago with a stage 4 rare and aggressive cancer was a shattering and somewhat embarrassing experience. Dr Goldberg with his integrative approach helped me to understand that repressed issues lead to disease and recommended I undergo counseling to try and uncover what experience it was that had manifested as cancer and that I use Iscador and have autohematherapy administered. I think that this approach was invaluable.”

        Jane Grove, Cancer Survivor in South Africa

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        “Wow what a wonderful experience! Not only the therapies and counseling but also the setting. It’s great for the mind and definitely a path to great health, physically and emotionally. Dr Goldberg and the staff is skilled and friendly and I would recommend it again and again!”

        Sunadia Geldenhuys

        “Dr Goldberg’s protocols and treatments, have helped me recover tremendously, that even my Surgeon was shocked with my progress. Dr Goldberg has a kind nature and always has the patient’s best interest at heart. Thank you Dr Goldberg.”


        “I am so grateful for the outstanding care and treatment I have received from Dr Goldberg and his team at Path to Health. Dr Goldberg provides an in depth holistic and integrative healing experience. Being diagnosed with late stage Cancer, I have been treated with SPDT, mistletoe and a variety of supplements to support my immune system. One year on and I am doing so well! Dr Goldberg is attentive, compassionate, wise and generous with his time and knowledge. His team at Path to Health are an extension of his kindness and professionalism. Dr Goldberg has given me hope and unwavering support for which I am most grateful.”

        Nicola McKenzie