Rhythmical massage, as a healing art, was developed from classical massage by Drs Ita Wegman and Margaretha Hauschka. It is based on the anthroposophical medical understanding of health, illness and healing which was systematically developed by Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s.

Rhythmical Massage is a connective tissue massage which incorporates techniques such as effleurage, kneading, friction and percussion. It uses skills and specific hand movements that lift and mobilize the soft tissues rather than applying pressure to them. The massage creates a gentle rhythm which enlivens and warms the soft tissues. This enlivening quality will activate and bring balance to all life processes such as breathing, circulation, digestion and excretion. All applied movements include a releasing component which enables clients to become aware of a feeling of inner spaciousness. This allows one to initiate changes which can maintain balance in the interactive body- soul-spirit continuum

Rhythmical Massage helps clients to become aware of subtle changes in their constitution and to discover how they can help themselves in their own healing process.

It is used to assist children going through difficult stages of their developments. Among the many problems that rhythmical massage can treat are concentration and attention problems (ADD/H), emotional and physical shocks and traumas. scoliosis (curvature of the spine), bedwetting, sleep disorders, allergies, asthma and any rhythmical disturbance of circulation, breathing or digestion.
In adults it is indicated in addition for connective tissue and musculo-skeletal problems of all kinds( eg tendonitis, fibro-myalgia), functional disturbances of any organ systems(eg gastro-intestinal disorders, cardio-vascular, neurological, chronic fatigue etc), degenerative conditions( eg arthritis) and psycho-emotional conditions (eg anxiety, depression etc).

In Cape Town, patients are referred to:
Dr Elina Komorova 082 318 2805
Diane Spiegel (021) 6718918
Tobias 076 378 3042