Spider Vein Treatment

The SVT Spider Vein Treatment, is a new and exciting spider vein treatment concept that treats the condition holistically and incorporates these main aspects:

  • Pre-treatment diagnosis, medication and dietary advice.
  • SVT Herbal Homeopathic Treatment Gels.
  • SVT Lymphatic Compression Massage.
  • SVT white light cosmetic treatment without the use of laser or injection needles.

The Spider Vein Condition

Spider veins are visible on the legs and faces of both men and women, and the colour may vary between bright red and dark purple. Also known as broken capillaries or thread veins, spider veins pose no danger to one’s health although they are unsightly. Spider veins could, however, be the result of more serious health problems.

The Causes

The cause, for both varicose and spider veins, is a combination of predisposition, heredity and life style. The risk of developing theses leg vein problems is increased for women who fall pregnant or use birth control pills, as hormones such as oestrogen can weaken vein walls and increase extracellular fluid. Obesity, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, stress and lack of exercise may further weaken the leg vein system. In addition, the risk of developing spider veins increases with age for both men and women.

The SVT Treatment

The visible spider veins, particularly the purple ones (tattoo effect) require initially to be softened and liquefied. The SVT Maintenance Gel is used before coagulation to achieve this. The Lymphatic compression threatment decreases the high pressure in the venous system ans kicks starts a lazy liver. The coagulation is accomplished with the SVT Coagulator that applies white light therapy to the affected area.

Pre-treatment assessment: the comprehensive professional treatment

Each person suffering from spider veins, will be comprehensively assessed to determine their general health and wellness and will be treated accordingly.

If deemed necessary, the person may be referred to a vascular specialist to assess the general health of their vein system.

Starting the treatment with vein support, detoxification and dietary advice

Once a comprehensive assessment has been completed, an individualized treatment plan is initiated using dietary modifications, life style changes and preparatory natural medication.

The SVT Maintenance Gel is used throughout the treatment to clear away coagulated blood, enhancing the healing process on the cellular level.

The second phase: lymphatic compression massage

The SVT Lymph Compression Massage is an automatic compression treatment that applies a wave of pressure to the flesh beneath the skin, moving from the base of the limbs upwards towards the body and the heart. The sensation is that of a relaxing massage. The result is increased lymphatic drainage and enhanced vein blood flow. This is a pleasant and gentle treatment, clearing away toxins and boosting the entire immune system. Wearing support stockings with compression is the most common type of conservative treatment for spider veins, whereas the SVT Lymph Compression Massage and detoxification is a more active form of treatment for the whole system.

The SVT Lymph Compression Massage sessions actively support the liver system whose dysfunctionm is often at the root of varicose and spider veins. The liver and lymphatic system can be maintained in a healthy state through a course of this lymph compression treatment

An added benefit of this treatment is the reduction of cellulite and water retention, as well as post operative treatment to enhance healing.

The third phase: non-invasive white light therapy

SVT white light therapy treatment is none-invasive and uses infrared and healing white light (nat laser) to coagulate and seal the spider veins (leaking capillaries). The treatment feels like a tiny pinprick and may have a slight stinging sensation afterwards.

The degree of discomfort may differ from patient to patient but will never be severe. The treated area may, rarely, have temporary redness, slight bruising or even an occasional blister. This will heal within a few weeks.

The number of treatments will vary according to the extent of the area to be treated and will be discussed with the person as part of the treatment plan.

For more information please visit: www.spidervein.co.za