Therapeutic Eurythmy

Eurythmy, a new art form developed by Rudolf Steiner, makes use the human body to bring speech and music into visibility. The vowels and consonants of human speech and the tones of music can be given form through specific gestures and movements by anyone who is aware of their inner experience of these sounds. These gestures and movements of the body at the same time manifest the innate life processes in every human being, for instance the functions of breathing, warming, digestive, and reproduction. Thus by moving the body through various sequences of gestures and movements corresponding to the sounds of human speech and music and other basic rhythms, those life functions essential for health can be harmoniously regulated. Eurythmy in this hygienic form is a regular part of the Waldorf School Curriculum. Furthermore when these life processes are disturbed leading to illness, specific combinations of these gestures and movements when systematically repeated can restore the disturbed equilibrium. This is the basis of Therapeutic Eurythmy. In consultation with an anthroposophical doctor who will determine the constitutional diagnosis of the body, soul and spirit continuum, the eurythmy therapist will work with the patient to find those specific movements and gestures that will most effectively restore the healthy balance.

Patients from the Syringa Centre are referred to:

Julia Joynt

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