Vibrant Health Maintenance

Remember the feeling of being alive and full of go?

You can regain much of those vital qualities of youth – by heeding the message of your body and taking charge of your health. You may have been feeling off-colour lately. Or seriously challenged by disease. Perhaps you are run-down and stressed out. You know you’re not feeling 100%. And yet, check-ups say you’re OK.

Take a closer look at the causes of ill health:

Your busy lifestyle places harsh demands on your body. Emotional and mental stresses undermine the vital functioning of your systems. To arrest the onslaught of this daily pounding, it’s essential to discover the deeply hidden causes of ill health, and to become aware of those behavioural habits that can be modified. This way, you can make vital lifestyle changes, perform better, and lead a long and healthy life.

How does one become aware of the negative factors?

You begin by paying attention to the many subtle tell-tale signals your body is sending out…   And this is where technology and time-tested techniques can team up to discover the clues to your own well-being.

Body, mind and spirit in Vibrant Health

Set in a tranquil, lavender scented garden in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, Syringa Holistic Health Centre offers the perfect environment in which to learn more about the status of your health. Syringa is run by a medical doctor with extensive training and experience in complementary and preventative medicine.  Here, his medical team has developed a holistic, in-depth health assessment programme that is capable of picking up subtle signs and many kinds of dispositions to ill health – before these develop into symptoms.

Clued-up by their findings, they can then offer a range of therapeutic recommendations to  improve health.  In this practice, anthroposophical medicine, homeopathy, nutritional interventions, stress management, life counseling and other holistic disciplines are used to treat the causes of ill health and set patients on the road to recovery.

At Syringa the focus is on transforming illness into health, weakness into strength and crisis into opportunity. Your body wants to heal itself.   Syringa Health Centre facilitates that innate healing power so that it can achieve its success within you.  Syringa Holistic Health Centre offers a number of unique options for ascertaining the status of your health. Known as Vibrant Health Solutions, these assessment procedures have been developed to

provide you with a comprehensive picture of your health status and risk profile. The process is consultative; you are a partner in the programme.  Once you’ve made the decision to take charge of your health, you choose the Vibrant Health Solutions option that suits your own needs and resources.

Vibrant steps to wellness: Your first step is to make an appointment for an in-depth interview and clinical examination. These take place in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Vibrant Health Solution assessment aims to discover the deeper causes of ill health by looking at the whole person. This includes an in-depth inquiry into the current state of health, medical history, life history, constitution and personality type, as well as social and environmental influences. Irrespective of which individualised Vibrant Health Solution you choose, all of these factors will be considered in the diagnosis and evaluation of your condition.

How Vibrant is your Health? Vibrant Health Cellular Health Assessment

Research has provided health-care practitioners with ways in which to defy the natural laws of aging. Researchers at the Human Nutrition research Centre on Aging (USA) have demonstrated that by adopting a particular pattern of activity and eating, it is possible for almost anyone to slow down the aging process. By ”changing your ways” you can maintain optimal energy, mental clarity and body functions well into old age.

During childhood, your body is balanced in its process of building up and breaking down cells. Later in life, through inappropriate nutrition and activity, body tissue breakdown begins to exceed tissue repair. This is seen as ageing. It manifests itself as progressive loss of well-being, disability or chronic disease. Optimal health requires a balance between tissue repair and tissue


Manage the “markers” of aging.

Leading researchers have identified ten main markers of ageing. When these markers are disturbed, the cell repair processes become unbalanced. This speeds up aging and slows down body functioning. All biomarkers improve with proper exercise, correct nutrition and appropriate supplementation. Vibrant Health Solutions Cellular Health Assessment uses modern technology to evaluate the significant markers of premature aging.

The Ten Biomarkers
  • Lean body mass
  • Fluid index
  • Phase angle
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar tolerance
  • Muscle strength
  • Body fat
  • Bone mineral density
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Cholesterol/HDL ratio

The Clues run in your veins Vibrant Health Solutions Live Blood Analysis Each person’s blood carries in it the imprint of the whole human being. The blood cells are in contact with the entire body, so they reflect the health of the body.

Vibrant Health Solutions’ Live Blood Analysis is a powerful technique for the early detection and prevention of certain illnesses.

Through sophisticated microscopy, the healthcare professionals at Syringa can observe the characteristics of your blood in a state as close as possible to that within the body. The contents of a tiny blood sample are magnified up to 1 000 times through a powerful microscope. A bright image is produced of blood cells ”swimming” in the fluid. It makes for fascinating viewing, and it enables the trained eye to decipher an intricate ”message” regarding the state of your health. Through Vibrant Health Solutions Live Blood Analysis, Syringa practitioners can detect:

  • nutritional deficiencies
  • cell membrane health and oxidative damage
  • predisposition to disease and stroke
  • essential aspects of immune function
  • signs of allergy and infection

Specific characteristic changes are observed in the blood. These can indicate certain chronic conditions which respond to specific natural medicines and other therapies. Conventional blood tests can also be used to check your health status. These range from blood sugar testing to haemoglobin monitoring. Please See summary of options. Healing Choices Depending on your Vibrant Health Solutions analysis and diagnosis, one or more corrective options ranging from nutrition changes to organ repair may be recommended.

Summary of Options
Single Services Vibrant Health Solutions Additional Options
Conventional Lab & Clinic Tests
Blood sugar
Blood pressure
Serial blood sugar testing
Glucose tolerance
Weight monitoring
Blood Group
Pap smear
Haemoglobinand/orLive Blood Analysis
for the early detection and prevention of illness.and/or

Cell Health Analysis
Using modern technology to evaluate the significant markers of premature ageing.

Conventional Lab Tests
(See table, left)Live Blood Analysis
(See table, left)Cell Health Analysis
(See table, left)Medical Consultation
With medical doctor trained and practicing in complementary and conventional disciplines.

Therapeutic Recommendations

(Corrective options)
May include one or more of the following:

  • Natural Medication
  • Anthroposophical
  • Homeopathic
  • Phytotherapeutic
  • Nutritional interventions
  • Lifestyle management
  • Exercise planning
  • Terrain management (cell and fluid therapy)
  • Organ Support and repair using natural medicines
Life and Stress Management Training, Counselling and coaching, Individual and group programmesColon Hydrotherapy
Conducted by a trained therapist to detoxify the system in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including liver and bowel toxicity, fatigue and depression.Rhythmical massageTherapeutic Eurythmy


Aroma Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Pulsed magnetic field therapy


Referral to:

  • Biokinetic Training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Specialist Consultant

A Vibrant Health Opportunity

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, cellular imbalances can be detected before they surface as symptoms. Such early detection of warning signs can be critical. Many years’ of experience in the field of integrated medicine, enable the Vibrant Health professionals to interpret those tell-tale signs and choose a course of corrective action from a wide range of therapeutic options. Syringa’s diagnostic technology also enables on-going maintenance and monitoring of conditions. One can thwart the onslaught of aging and stressful living through intelligent choices. An opportunity to do this is available at Syringa Holistic Health Centre where you can discuss the future of your health with a Vibrant Health Professional.