Awakening to Child Health Part 1, 2 & 3

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Part I: Holistic Child and Adolescent Development

This first book was published in October 2009 and describes the journey of a healthy human being from the prenatal state through childhood and adolescence to adulthood. The second book will characterize contemporary childhood and adolescent health issues, both physical and psychosocial problems. The third book will cover a wide spectrum of healing approaches that I believe are appropriate in our time for treating the problems of childhood and adolescence.

These books show that our interactions with children are both a listening and a remembering process evoking a unique inner response that enables us on the one hand to care for the child outside, on the other hand to understand who we are and to learn to care for ourselves. I wish to develop a methodology that draws on original and personal experience. All learning takes place through the experiential functions of our reflective, memory and visualizing capacities, our sensing or perceiving functions, our feeling or emotive responses and our expressive, intuitive and will based actions. This work aims to enhance these healthy functions of learning by becoming aware of and sharpening and strengthening these capacities. At the same time it attempts to show that our unique authentic and original human experience is honest, creative and more trustworthy than knowledge acquired through the experience of others or abstract theories. We have all been there before and therefore the sum total of these experiences are imprinted somewhere in our memory. This provides the basis for both an unconscious or conscious identification with childhood as well as the possibility of consciously accessing these experiences ourselves.

This work seeks to meet the needs of a wide range of readers. It wishes to awaken a broad-based and in-depth understanding of the healthy child as an essential point of departure for those who wish to offer children their optimum care and protection. Those who wish to understand the nature of the human being will acquire a picture of the infinitely vast and rich world of childhood and adolescence culminating in adulthood. The content is validated by knowledge drawn from the natural, humanistic and spiritual sciences. Parents and guardians, teachers, and child health practitioners seeking to support the children in their care will find not only a description, but also an experience of this journey that can help them in their caring tasks. Others may engage through this journey with the deeper mysteries of the developing child’s unfolding life and awakening soul and spirit; It also serves as an introductory handbook or work manual for those who seek to know children by exploring the biography of their own inner child and adolescent. They will find here a methodology through which their journey of childhood to adulthood can be re-experienced. Finally, those who wish to know more about themselves, may find here a path of knowledge and a means of exploring their own inner nature.
These books are a call to consciously aware people in our time to awaken to the reality of childhood.

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Publishers Description:

This book is a resource for developing a sensitive understanding of children. It is a resource for child care professionals and parents wanting to follow their own intuition and sense for health in raising

children. Questions addressed include, ‘How can we deepen our insights into children through personal experience? How can we better nurture, protect and enhance our child’s well being and loving care?
Drawing on his personal experience as well as Rudolf Steiner’s’ insights into child development, health and holistic medicine, the author gives a comprehensive account of child and teenage development-informed by embryology and spiritual psychology.
This work awakens a holistic, empathetic understanding of child health and illness, offering a unique physical, soul and spiritual understanding of child development. It invites parents and child care professionals to re-connect with their own childhood to better relate with children. It is a comprehensive, authoritative resource on child health and illness by a Steiner-Waldorf
school doctor with 35 years experience.


1. Meeting children and your inner child
2. The prenatal journey of the incarnating child: where do we come from?
3. Body, soul and spirit and the three births of childhood.
4. The heavenly years From birth to three.
5. The golden years form three to seven.
6. The beautiful and healthy years from seven to fourteen.
7. Puberty to adulthood.
8. 7 life processes, 4 temperaments, 3 physical types and
seven character types.
9. Awakening to the self and identity.

Doctors, therapists, child care professionals, counsellors and teachers

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Some Eendorsements

-A must to really understand children.

Daleen Totten, South African Journal of Natural Medicine

-Here are imaginative and creative ways of understanding childhood, with wisdom, love and respect for children and their development.
Dr Saskia Renkema GP Blackthorn Medical Centre

Support and guidance in nurturing young people in challenging times.
Preface, Michaela Glockler MD

Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults: The Struggle for Freedom

Addiction is one of the most critical problems of our modern world, affecting children as much as adults. We face not only a widespread dependency on illicit substances, but also addictions to food, beverages, cigarettes and alcohol, as well as electronic gadgetry, online social networks, and entertainment media within a culture of violence, along with excessive and unhealthy sexual practices.

This book explores the overall health consequences of addictive behavior in children and young people, as well as its underlying causes. Drawing on anthroposophical insights, the author sees the child holistically as body, soul and spirit on a developmental journey from newborn to adult. He examines specific addictions through case histories taken from his clinical practice, and offers a tried and tested method to understand and manage each individual child or young person who succumbs to such dependencies.

This book will be of value to parents, teachers and health professionals who work with children and adolescents; to young people and adults caught up in unhealthy addictive behavior; and to all those who wish to understand better their own human nature.

Size: 156 by 234 mm
Binding: Softcover
Extent: 272 pp
Published: May 2012