“There are so many different views, approaches, diets and treatments available that may make it extremely difficult to decide what is true for you. My job in partnership with you is to find the right and true combination of therapies that will offer you the best outcome.”

Dr. Raoul Goldberg, MD, PhD

The Path to Health Cancer Support Community wishes to offer all persons involved in the experience of cancer, long term support, Fellowship, insight, resources, tools and networking for self care, self transformation and self healing, based on an integrative and participatory approach to health and healing.


  • To create a community-oriented network of insightful and compassionate support for all persons involved in the experience of cancer – patients, family, friends, carers and therapists –
  • To provide individuals living with a cancer diagnosis and those supporting them, in-depth insight and management for personalized healthy living and healing based on the Path to Health’s protocol for a healthy body, mind and spirit in alignment and participation with the world of spirit, nature and fellow humans beings
  • To share resources and skills in the form of in-formative insights, articles, books, videos, activities, courses and trainings, that could be of value to the person’s recovery and long term growth and healing.
  • To provide a safe and compassionate  in-person and on-line platform for individuals to share and express their cancer life experiences
  • To offer opportunities where in-formational, interactional, reflective and experiential learning can take place through the insights of multidisciplinary experts and the acquisition of transformational and self mastery tools and skillsets.
  • To help individuals disempowered by the experience of cancer to find a new sense of themselves, discover their innate empowered resources, renewed purpose, hope and meaning, and a new joy for life through activities such as art, dance, movement, laughter and communion with animals and nature.


  1. Monthly In-Person Group Meetings – See Events on Website
  2. Monthly On-Line Group meetings
  3. Individual On Line Consultations with our Health Coaches
  4. Access to our Cancer Resource Library
  5. Path to Health Treatment Programme – See Cancer as a Messenger of our Times


For more information and details of support structures call Zorena at 021 762 2364

“I am so grateful for the outstanding care and treatment I have received from Dr Goldberg and his team at Path to Health. Dr Goldberg provides an in depth holistic and integrative healing experience. Being diagnosed with late stage Cancer, I have been treated with SPDT, mistletoe and a variety of supplements to support my immune system. One year on and I am doing so well! Dr Goldberg is attentive, compassionate, wise and generous with his time and knowledge. His team at Path to Health are an extension of his kindness and professionalism. Dr Goldberg has given me hope and unwavering support for which I am most grateful.”

Nicola McKenzie

“Being diagnosed 6 years ago with a stage 4 rare and aggressive cancer was a shattering and somewhat embarrassing experience. Dr Goldberg with his integrative approach helped me to understand that repressed issues lead to disease and recommended I undergo counseling to try and uncover what experience it was that had manifested as cancer and that I use Iscador and have autohematherapy administered. I think that this approach was invaluable.”

Jane Grove, Cancer Survivor in South Africa