Integrative Medicine brings together the best modalities from conventional bio-medicine, traditional, natural and complementary medicine. It recognizes that the human being has a physical body and a non-physical mind and spirit, in reciprocal interaction, and that both are influenced by an internal biography and an outer environment. Health and ill health are an expression of these interactions.

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  • The preventative side of medicine,
  • Advocates lifestyle modifications,
  • Chooses fewer symptomatic pharmaceutical options
  • Encourages patients to take responsibility for their own health and illness by learning to understand the nature of their own bodily and psychological systems. This enables patients to take care of their own health and wellbeing and to determine their own individualized health care.

The Path to Health Medical Practice is based on the holistic view of the human being as a living body, mind, soul and spirit, living within a social-ecological environment. It seeks to do this through an active partnership called Participatory Medicine between the patient/client and the doctor who together discover what and where the problem is and how to solve it. This leads to new insights enabling self-empowerment and self-transformation to take place. This practice of Participatory Medicine puts them in the best position to help others as well.

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