Nutritional Therapy embraces the understanding of nutritive substances, their digestion and absorption in the human body and the use of Diet and Nutritional Supplementation in therapy.
In the context of Anthroposophically Integrated Medicine, nutritive substances are specifically understood in relation to the differentiated bodily, psychological and spiritual aspects. For example root vegetables such as carrots have a specific correspondence to the neuro sensory system and to the cognitive aspect of the psyche where as flower vegetables such as broccoli are specifically connected to the metabolism and to the will nature of the psyche. These archetypal relationships make it possible to customise diets for individual temperaments and constitutions and to design diets for specific illnesses.

In the same way specific nutritional elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium etc have a specific relationship to the human continuum. Potassium for instance supports liver function and life processes in general whereas nitrogen is connected with the kidneys and psychological processes in general. Such correspondences provide a rational basis for the therapeutic administration of nutritional supplements either by oral administration or when required by intravenous interventions. The latter is frequently used for fatigue, immune deficiency and nutritional deficiency syndromes as well as specific organ support eg cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, neurological etc.

We work with a variety of Nutritionist depending on the health condition and goals.