We live in a world that separates us from a greater truth and reality because to begin with we only experience a very limited view of ourselves and the world. We use only 5-10% of our neural circuitry, a fraction of our full human potential, and what drives us from inside is hidden from us. In ill health, we see only signs and symptoms of disease that are outer expressions of the deeper root causes. Nature reveals only its outer garments, beautiful enough, but its inner life and truth is hidden to us. Another human allows us to see only a fraction of what is the true person behind this veil. We partner with a very limited part of our selves, our bodies, other humans and the world of nature.

Can we transcend the veil and get closer to the truth and true reality of things? We already do this in many ways: with wonder for beauty and goodness, for the new born baby, the growing child, for the laws of nature,  with a high code of morality – respect and  compassion for our fellow human, for nature and for the partnership with the truth that lies beyond the veil. We can learn to participate with this greater reality more frequently, efficiently and when it is most needed in the healing setting, through a range of tools and skills that every human possesses.

To gain access to our greater self, to the deeper truth behind our ordinary world of experience, to draw from this source when we most need it, when we are there to help others, we need a road map. The PATH Method is a universal road map, a language and a skill set to explore, discover and integrate this greater dimension into our reality of experience, we make use of:

  • a high code of ethics,
  • an attitude of reverence and respect,
  • an approach that is participatory, seeking for the hidden partner behind the material, physical world of appearances, intuitive realms .
  • creating an objective compassionate witnessing of self
  • creating partnership with this greater reality
  • drawing on these resources to create embodied empowerment, transformation and healing

The PATH to Health learning Academy will be offering an immersive training for practitioners and coaches, starting in February 2023 in developing the skillset that enables one to build a healthy alliance with this higher truth.  See our Events Calendar for details.